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Chatbox Rules

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1 Chatbox Rules on Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:36 pm


ChatBox Rules
Hello Everyone,

These are our forum " ChatBox Rules " so please read it carefully before using it,

Using the Chatbox indicates that you agree to the following:

1) Chat in English Language only. That includes links to videos or other material that need you to know the language to understand them. Something like songs can be excluded.
2) Use appropriate language and do not instigate fights.
3) Limit yourself to a maximum of 5 messages in a row. This is done to prevent flooding and spamming.
4) Do not use the Chatbox to sell or buy items in-game. There is a Market Section in our forums for that purpose.
5) Do not use BB Code other than the one given by the Chatbox panel. This includes attaching images, modifying size fonts, or any other type of code does not fit in one line of regular text. However, quotes are allowed, as long as they are not abused.

Breaking any part of this rule will result in a ban from Chatbox plus the corresponding infraction. If you can’t correct your behavior, you may be permanently banned from the Chatbox.

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